Asperger women dating

Roughly a year ago, aged 36, Considine was finally diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, one of a spectrum of disorders relating to difficulties with communication and social skills that includes autism at its furthest extreme.“For a few weeks after the diagnosis, I was wandering around thinking, 'Who the hell am I? It’s allowed me to make sense of so many things I didn’t understand before – and is allowing me to move forward with my life.” Indeed, so good an actor is Considine that if he wasn’t telling me about his condition now, I would never guess he was a sufferer.There is no need for you to continue living as a frustrated, stressed-out partner/spouse.If you will read my e Book, and then email me for follow-up consultation (if needed), then you will achieve the same success as hundreds of others. They don't have the patience or desire to save their relationship.

“I swaggered through life but, in reality, I lived in fear pretty much every day.Also, Mark is a prolific author of articles and ebooks on the subject.This program has a GUARANTEE, so there's absolutely NO WAY that you can lose!They either give up and settle for a miserable lackluster life, or they get a divorce.Like too many other couples who have struggled with Aspergers-related issues, they see the problems as simply "too big to fix." If you really truly want a loving partner who will work with you as a team-player throughout your relationship, and if you want to be respected by your friends and your partner as someone who takes great care of his/her family, then there is no doubt in my mind this program will work for you.

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