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It's important you read this before joining a channel.

This is a good thing to read : https:// A good start is : if you wouldn't do it in real life, don't do it in the channel.

Do not paste large quantities of text into the channel : use This is a good read on the subject : Help The basic idea is : Bots are there to help users.

Don't abuse the bots, for example by asking them questions too often/repeatedly or by changing their data with advertising or spam.

You can add a bookmark to this URL, which makes reaching the page quick and easy, but you have to do it in a round-a-bout sort of way.

Create a bookmark to any random page (such as this one), then go in and edit the bookmark.

There is heaps of information available on the wiki, in the infobot, and at other places. Telling people to "RTFM" or to "just google it" is not very polite.Find an IRC client that seems appropriate for your platform (Win/Mac) and has the features you want.A web search for "free IRC client" should find plenty of options.Also, note you can ask the bots questions privately, which makes sure the channel doesn't get spammed.IRC channels welcome any help, but we do ask you to stay as helpful as possible.

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