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The characters are starting to become people at last and not ones you’d gladly twat around the head given half a chance, but somewhat likeable.Except for Tosh whose virginity seems to keep re-healing.On 10 February 1840, Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, her maternal cousin.

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Does he even know whether he’s referencing a Val Kilmer movie or James Bond movies with it?The mysterious Captain John Hart is determined to wreak havoc, and needs to find something hidden on Earth. Watching it, you’ll feel more inclined to believe the excuse trotted out for series one that the time constraints placed on the show by the Beeb made it impossible to produce anything good.But with Gwen’s life in danger, and cluster bombs scattered across the city, whose side is Jack on? Certainly, there were a fair few moments when the old Torchwood we came to know and hate last year reared its ugly head: But there’s a knowing humour, with Torchwood pseudo-secrecy and pretension revealed as sources of derision for Cardiff denizens and anyone who comes to meet them.We also cover TV events run by the likes of the BFI, BAFTA and Institut français du Royaume-Uni.Add in film, theatre, art, books, events, competitions and even weekly reviews of Wonder Woman comics, and you’ve (hopefully) got officially the fourth best blog on the web for media lovers.

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