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The Guide was a bit snooty there and we were allowed to sit on the £2,000 finest leather seats, that were ergonomically designed by Terrance Conrad, but we were not allowed to put the table down or open the lockers.

The guide also told us how the Queen and Prince Phillip sat on opposite sides on the front row in the window seats, the Queen Mother liked it up in the cockpit.

Jamie, how I trusted you, but alas no more, your suggestion of making pizza dough on a table top, pizza dough may mix it self properly, without incident on a table top, but it should come with a warning for a work surface.

I duly weighed all the ingredients carefully and as my mother taught me with love, read the instructions that said tip all the dry ingredients on to the table and make a well, so far so good, only had a work surface, so thought that would suffice, how wrong can you be!!!!

I am back at square one again with no scammers pursuing me for marriage or financial reason which is somewhat disappointing at the minute but like busses I am pretty sure that another will be along soon for me to deny one of the following options A) the life of a loved one in danger. But at the moment I am priding myself on the fact that nobody has managed to scam me and I am determined to keep it that way!!!

B) unemployment of someone due to lack of funding for project. While heading up to Manchester, son and I stopped at Coventry and went to the Midland Air Museum.

Michael Jackson used to sit with a blanket over his head and body for the duration of the flight, Pavarotti had to buy two seats as he could not fit in one seat, Bill Clinton sat in the middle of the front section and Julie Andrews the second row back on the window seat.


I have been to the Cairo museum and seen some of the treasures and this exhibition is a very good replication of the treasures.

I gave him the I am a poor student and as such I had no money, he wanted me to get some for him, at which point I replied my grant had not come in as I had applied far too late for my money to come in on time and it could be Christmas before it comes in.

(Besides I am not in the habit of giving my money away to perfect stranger, who could possible be in some backwater of Africa and trying to make some money out of stupid people) Mr I Need Cash pursued me for a good few weeks after my grant with more enthusiasm than i have seen for a while, which has only just waned as I have my mantra of I am waiting for my grant to come in and that was it, havent heard any more from him at all.

Not a hope, it looked like the thigh of an overweight woman with bad cellulite, after fifteen minutes of massage on the cellulite dough I conceded defeat, let it do its thing and then made the pizza, have to say Jamie was forgiven as the pizza was a hit, will have to make it again, but not on a work top or table, it will have to be in a bowl as I am not risking volcanic activity in my kitchen again. Mr asked me to clear out a unit in the lounge so that it could come down for decorating.

Bearing in mind that he has had 8 weeks to do this job and could have put his things away somewhere out of the way.

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