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Children who were physically hit grew up to be the perpetrators of violence in their own lives.

Guilty of abuse in their relationships as an adult, the study found that spanking was enough to increase the likelihood of aggressive behaviour later on in life (Stock image)Just a couple of months ago, a man was jailed in Somerset after smacking his son's bottom resulted in bruising.

Smacking a misbehaving child has been common in society for decades, but recent evidence shows that the practice can cause long-term damage.

Hitting a child can cause them to become violent with their partners as they enter adulthood (stock image)Hitting a child as a form of chastisement has been outlawed in several countries across the world such as France, Scotland and Sweden.

There are stringent guidelines in many countries relating to the use of smacking.

This defence is laid down in section 58 of the Children Act 2004.

Enforcement of the law often depends on the discretion of prosecutors.

The study, from the University of Texas Medical Branch, asked 19 and 20 year olds how often they had been spanked, slapped or struck.

There are still a great number of parents who think it is okay to spank their children, despite all the evidence otherwise.

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The members of this audience were selected based on a close relationship with fatherless sons -- two episodes focused on the men raised without a dad, and one episode shed light on the struggles single mothers raising sons face.

I was there as a therapist, with the majority of the seats filled by those raised without a dad. She looked at me with tired eyes and said, "I am terrified that I should have spanked my child -- maybe he would have turned out better." As the conversation progressed, it was clear she had good intentions for not spanking, but unfortunately didn't seek out alternatives that might have aided her in raising cooperative children.

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